Anyone experience TotalFinder Disappearing?

First off, I love TotalFinder and use it everyday. I have run into a strange situation where TotalFinder disappears and my regular Finder takes it spot. Basically of the TF features disappear, so no colored icons in the sidebar, no tabbed view, and TF disappeared from the Finder preferences. I’m stumped. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this behavior.

I run a late-2008 MacBook Pro with OSX 10.8.3, and latest version of TF. Any feedback appreciated.

TotalFinder disappears when Finder crashes silently. You can see crash reports in -> User Diagnostic Reports.

To get TotalFinder back, please run /Applications/

Thanks! Your spot on…I did have a few Finder crashes. I ran TF from my Applications folder and I am good to go. Keep up the great work…I have recommended TF to all my friends and family with Macs. They love it.

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