API for TS2, please

Thanks so much for the immense amount of work that must have been required for TotalSpaces 2. Although I’m glad to learn that the TS2 API is forthcoming, the API is the main reason I bought TS in the first place. Specifically, I need:


I appreciate the free upgrade from TS1, but if paying for the upgrade to TS2 would result in the TS2 API sooner, that would be fine with me!


The API needed an overhaul because of the ability for different grids to be on different displays.

I understand you need the api - I’ll get to it asap.

:+1: Looking forward to it too!

Just to follow up, the current pre-release version of TotalSpaces2 supports the API.

I thought I just upgraded both my TS2 and the api ruby gem, but my ruby script doesn’t work, apparently because I (still?) have different versions:

$ date
Mon Feb 17 05:22:06 CST 2014
$ echo $SHELL
$ ruby -e 'require “totalspaces”; puts TotalSpaces.api_version;'
$ ruby -e 'require “totalspaces”; puts TotalSpaces.lib_total_spaces_version;'
$ # The “About” menu selection shows: “TotalSpaces2 v2.1.0 (Mavericks)”
$ # http://binaryage.github.io/totalspaces2-api/ruby/rdoc/TotalSpaces2.html says the two versions should agree.

Sorry, what am I missing?


Hi bob… Sorry there may be some error in my documentation, I’ll check later when I am in front of my computer. But at least you should require ‘totalspaces2’ rather than totalspaces.

Yay! That fixed it: totalspaces -> totalspaces2

Thanks/sorry, I should have seen that. My script works again!