App assignment

I like total spaces because I like things set up a certain way for all the different hats that I must wear as a Mac pro user. My goto system is a iMac 27 i7 20G Ram 2 screens. I support systems (1 desktop), design websites (1desktop), test websites (1 desktop), graphic design (1 desktop), Windoze compatibility (1 desktop), Main desktop so I don’t screw up the others (1desktop), communication (1 desktop), and finally games (1desktop).
I just recently adorned the graphic hat and I am attempting to get it set up to my likeing. One of the apps that I use for my website screen is drag thing. I now have it restricted to my website desktop. I would like to include it on my Graphic desktop without it showing up on all the others decides the website one.
Is there a way of getting an app to work on selected desktops (more than one). I thought that I could pull it off with a simple applescript, but it still shows on other desktops. Is there a simple way of restricting an app to more than one desktop?


Not that I know of. The app-desktop assignment functionality is part of OSX (TotalSpaces just provides a better interface for it).