App Desktops: Chrome Tabs or "Users" for different spaces

Many of my “apps” that I use and would like to be part of my workflow are based in the Chrome Browser… such as my email, music, developer tools etc. It would be great if I could have those apps/tabs preloaded/ assigned to a space. This would make life awesome.

Perhaps there is a hack to have different versions of chrome/ or user logins or instances of it open to enable this (without a change in total spaces, but hurting mac performance)… or if there was a way to build this in natively, it would be awesome.


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The only way I can think of to do something like this is to have something running using the TotalSpaces2 API that recognises the window names and moves the windows to the right spaces.

The only problem would be automatically running the script whenever a new Chrome window is created - I’m not sure exactly how that could be done, but at least polling is an option.

What about the option that uses… and build that in, as an add-on of sorts to the app?

Do you guys think this is still possible?