App switcher appears on non-default monitor


I’m using the trial version of TotalSpaces. I use the app switcher (Cmd-Tab) a lot to switch between applications. The app switching bar appears on my default monitor, of course. However when using TotalSpaces, the app switching bar starts appearing on my secondary monitor after a while or because of some condition I can’t identify. Stopping and restarting TotalSpaces resolves the issue, but I’d rather not have to do this several times a day.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone know of a fix or workaround?




I will try to reproduce.

Are you using “Displays have separate spaces” mode or not? (From Mission Control prefs)


Yes, I am using the option: Displays have separate spaces.



I find that the cmd-tab switcher appears in the same screen that the dock is currently in.

So when you move the dock to the screen with mouse in (by holding it at the bottom) then the dock will move - and so will the cmd-tab switcher.

(Assuming you have your dock at the bottom of the screen)

Is this what’s happening?

No, I have docks at the bottom of both screens because of the Displays have separate spaces option.

I’m sorry perhaps I don’t follow - your dock should only appear on one screen at a time. Are you saying that the dock appears on both screens at the same time? I’m a bit puzzled by that because I’ve not see it behave that way.

Yes, I have a dock on each screen as well as a menu bar. I believe because of the option for Displays have separate spaces. If that’s not turned on, then there’s only one dock. I’m running Mavericks, btw.

The way it works for me in Displays have separate spaces mode is that if you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen then the dock appears on that display, and disappears on the other one. It can only be on one display at a time.

I’ve just done some googling, but I don’t find any way of getting the Dock on both screens simultaneously. Is there some software you have installed that allows this?

Oh sorry. I misunderstood. Yes, there is only one dock. I had hiding on and it will show the dock at the bottom of whichever screen I’m on. If I turn off hiding, I have only one dock. Sorry for the confusion.

Ah, now I understand. So what I think happens is that because it’s hidden, you don’t see it on either screen, but in fact it is actually present on one or the other, and if it weren’t hidden, that’s the screen it would be on.

And that’s the screen that shows the cmd-tab switcher. So I think the cmd-tab will show on the most recent screen your dock was shown on.

OK Stephen. It seems you are correct. Sorry to have bothered you, but I appreciate you helping me out with this.