App with open "pallets or huds" converge to a single display when leaving and returning

If you use something such as Photoshop and have lots of pallets open on other displays, when you leave and return those pallets converge to one display. Any way around this?

I had one other user have this problem.

He said this:

“If the program (i.e. InDesign) is forced to a special screen in the settings, the palettes (of 2nd screen) are forced to this as well.
What I´ve done? Go to the dock, right click the program icon --> options --> and choose “all screens” instead of a special screen.”

So if you assign Photoshop to a particular desktop, this can happen - is this the case for you?

The problem here is that the app then follows me across spaces which defeats the purpose.

The pallets technically seem to merge only on reboot of the app, but still a pain if you setup 15 different ones on another monitor. Gonna try saving the state with your other app and see if it restores those… That didn’t work.

No, I’m sorry I don’t know what I can do about photoshop pallets.