App works but won't open

TotalFinder is working but I cannot open the app to change settings etc.
MacPro, OSX 10.9.4

Uninstalled and reinstalled. No change. The application works as per previous settings, but no window opens when I try to open the app.
Did it really uninstall? How come my settings are still there if it did?

When I click on the app console reports:
7/18/14 12:12:16.415 AM TotalFinder[5578]: requesting injection into[5580]
7/18/14 12:12:17.764 AM TotalFinder[5578]: already injected - nothing to do

Ok, I’m officially dumb. The app opens it’s just that the way to get to it is in the menu bar. In short, never mind.

TotalFinder is a Finder plugin, not replacement:

Understood, I just forgot where the interface lives.