AppleEvents Broken if TotalFinder Moved

I turned off my SIP so I could organize my applications folder a long time ago. Apple’s teenager-toss-everything-on-the-floor approach to organization leaves a lot to be desired.

Anyway, if I put TotalFinder in a folder within the Applications folder, it fails to send AppleEvents properly. This suggest that the application path is hard coded into TotalFinder… (ahem).

Yes. TotalFinder’s injector code (TotalFinder.osax) expects TotalFinder.bundle to be at specific location(s). The apple event simply contains a request for injection, but does not contain a path or other specification where to find the bundle to be injected.

You can reconfigure it by creating ~/.totalfinder-install-location text file which will contain path to your custom TotalFinder.bundle.

Please look at this code: