Application windows disappear on transition

hello. totalspaces2 is freakin awesome. happy to be here, even to report a bug.

here is a video of the bug:

this issue does not occur when switching spaces via the grid overview, only when switching spaces horizontally and vertically.

i have a 9x9 square grid. almost always, when i switch from a 1st column space into a 2nd column space (moving right), the application window in that 2nd space disappears. sometimes the wallpaper in that space turns black, too. additionally, i’ve seen an application window in the 3rd column space disappear when switching via same-row circulation from the 1st column back to the 3rd, but i wasn’t able to reproduce that in the video.

thanks for your time! love this app, its smoothening my workflow a lot despite this hitch and i plan to purchase after the trial is over.

i think this is the same issue as: Not restoring windows

fixed by turning off “Automatically Hide and Show Menu Bar” in macOS general preferences.

ideally i would be able to use totalspaces2 without the menubar, but i’m a happy camper.

this inside cube animation is so much fun. working with an 11in screen everyday, the amount of extra ‘space’ i get is really a gamechanger.

now i’m gonna go spin around inside my little box. thanks :slight_smile:

Yeh, I can see the issue, I’ll try to figure out the reason, thank you.

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