Asepsis DesktopServicesPriv update prevents Quicktime from launching

I updated Mavericks last night to 10.9.2. After being prompted by Asepsis’ diagnosis this morning that DesktopServicesPriv was incorrect (I’m guessing the Apple updated reverted it) I ran the following in Terminal:

$> asepsisctl uninstall_wrapper and
$> asepsisctl install_wrapper

Asepsis worked after this but now when I launch Quicktime I’m getting an error on DesktopServicesPriv.framework that prevents QT from running at all. I had to uninstall the wrapper again and can’t use Asepsis for the time being.

Is this a general issue with 10.9.2? Thanks.

This is first time I hear that. But many users reported the restart is needed after doing uninstall/install wrapper combo.

I think it should not be necessary, but that is what they reported. Maybe Mavericks has some kind of caching of libraries in place and changing wrapper on disk does not have immediate effect on future processes in the session.