Asepsisupdater still active on Sierra 10.12.1

Yesterday I found the following message:

 **Asepsis update check failed**
 An error occurred in retrieving update information.
 Please try again later. 

Long time ago I had Asepsis installed as well as Totalfinder, however they “should have” been removed from my MAC, but there seem to be some files left. How can I remove this?

Do you still have asepsisctl on command-line?


If not, something with uninstallation went wrong, probably.

Here is the uninstallation script:

Yes, I have. I downloaded Asepsis.pkg, and ran the uninstaller to no avail. Using your script I found the plist file and removed this and other files belonging to Asepsis. Seems to have helped, so thanks for your prompt response.

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