Assign full screen apps to a desktop - is this possible?

Hi there,

I’m currently undergoing the totalspaces trial, and really like it, except for one thing, which I can’t seem to get right:

My 3 main apps; Mail, iTerm, and Firefox all run in fullscreen, and are the first three apps in my spaces setup. I have my muscle memory and positional memory tied (permanently) to these first three desktops for these three apps.

The problem arises in that when I restart these apps, and they go full-screen, the move to the end, or bottom left of my spaces setup, and then I have to manually move them back.

I want them to be sticky to a certain desktop when fullscreen in much the same way that I can stick non-fullscreen apps to a certain desktop.

Is this possible? If not, is this functionality planned? It’s the only thing between me and buying a license.

Let me know - thanks :slight_smile:

We don’t have that feature at the moment (pinning fullscreen apps), but there has been discussion about it, and I’ve wanted to support it. But to be fair I don’t have any timetable for it, so best not base your decision on that it might arrive.