Assign fullscreen spaces to keyboard shortcuts

I like the fullscreen feature of recent OSX versions, but what I don’t like is that it does not integrate with my keyboard shortcut setup. I have shortcuts assigned to each desktop, and I would like to use this for my fullscreen apps, too. Currently, in TotalSpaces2 I can only assign shortcuts to desktops I’ve defined in the grid. Since fullscreen apps will not be opened in them, I don’t seem to be able to assign shortcuts for them, or am I?

You can in fact assign shortcuts to fullscreen apps.

Note that the per-desktop shortcuts are positional - so they always take you to a particular row and column in your grid.

To assign one for your fullscreen app, take your app to fullscreen mode, and then go to TotalSpaces2 Layout preferences. Click on your fullscreen app’s position in the shown grid, and record your shortcut there.

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Stephen, one follow-up on your response. I run a couple of VMs uusing VMWare Fusion. When I assign VMWare Fusion to the app shortcut it only goes to the space where the VM Fusion Library resides, not the full screen virtual machine itself.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

I think it’s not possible to assign particular instances of an app (or VM windows or whatever) to a desktop unfortunately.

I take an app out of fullscreen, assign a shortcut to the positional desktop, assign that app to only appear on that desktop.

When I then fullscreen the app again it moves off that desktop.

I’m really just after assigning shortcuts either to a fullscreen app or making the fullscreen app always appear at the location where I have set the shortcut.


Yes, there isn’t a way to make sure a fullscreen app always appears in a particular position. It has been something that has been requested sometimes, so it’s on my list to see if something can be done.