Audioease Snapper with Total Finder

I use Total Finder (1.11.3) on a Mac Pro 2013 running Sierra (10.12.6) and I suspect it may be interfering somehow with an application I use called Snapper by Audioease. Snapper let’s you audition audio files in the finder by single clicking on them (it snaps to a finder window) and allows you to import files into Pro Tools among other things. It’s super useful. BUT it doesn’t seem to work with Total Finder. With Snapper, I can single-click an audio file and listen to it but when I single-click a subsequent file in the finder, Snapper does not switch to it as it should. It only allows me to advance to a subsequent file if I first click on the Snapper window to bring it to the fore. I suspect there’s a conflict with the two programs. Snapper works flawlessly without Total Finder installed. Any ideas on what I can do?
Many thanks,

This is probably caused by the way how TotalFinder hijacks Finder windows and glues them together into tabs (see this blog post for more details).

I think Snapper does not expect this arrangement and is not able to properly detect TotalFinder “frame” window.

The only thing you can probably do is to disable the Tabs feature in TotalFinder completely:

Thanks, Darwin. I’ll give it a try.