Auto Adjust Width of Columns broken in Mavericks

Ever since upgrading to Mavericks, the Automatically Adjust Widths in Column View doesn’t work. When I toggle it on/off I can clearly see that the widths adjust, but they aren’t big enough. There are still items that are shortened in the file browser. Is this a known issue? Can I reset all my TotalFinder settings to defaults again somehow and see if that helps?

Yes, this is known issue. We have to resolve it in the next version. I’m sorry for the troubles.

I’ve just begun evaluating Totalfinder as a better alternative to Path Finder, and immediately notice that the columns view is not auto-adjusting per preferences. I found this thread that is nearly a year old now. I suppose I’m wondering if Totalfinder is still an active project? Thanks.

Still actively working on it:

@Greg_Malone I don’t have recent reports about broken auto-column-widths feature. Can you give me more pointers what did you try and expected to see? I will investigate.

Sure thing.
In Preferences I’ve selected Automatically Adjust Widths in Column View.

I expected to see that the columns widths’ would shrink down to fit the longest file name in the column, as Path Finder does with the same feature:

But Totalfinder does not adjust the columns. The remain uniform in width:

Thoughts?? Thanks for the help.