Background pictures revert to default upon log-in

I have four windows – 2 columns w/2 rows. Upon log-in (Yosemite) two of my chosen background pics are correct. Two are the default Yosemite backgrounds. In order to correct this, I have to close TotalSpaces2 and restart, at which point my background pictures are correct. Any work-arounds?

TotalSpaces2 doesn’t have any effect on your desktop backgrounds. However, quitting TotalSpaces2 will cause to restart, and it is likely that this is causing the desktops to reset.

I don’t know why Dock is not reading your config correctly.

Typing killall Dock in a terminal window will also cause to restart - does that also fix the problem?

Yes, Stephen, that causes a reset so that all four of my chosen background images correctly appear. I’m not sure whether the effect will be lasting. I suppose I could add it to my log-in script. This did not occur in Mavericks. And thanks for responding.