Background & Screensaver issues Yosemite v10.10.1

Having issues with the desktop background images for multiple spaces (set to random image mode) changing the image when I go into overview of all spaces. When I click to go back into the space I was in it goes back to the image it’s supposed to be but when “zoomed out” it sets to another random image.

I have the screensaver set to a folder of images and to randomly shuffle the photos like a slideshow. I’m not sure when it happens but I think it’s after putting the computer to sleep or restarting, it negates the checked shuffle box and plays the images in order. I have to continuously go in and check the “shuffle images” box daily.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks again for such great software! It does a fantastic job at mirroring the old spaces program Apple used to have and so oddly did away with.

I’m not sure what happens with the shuffle tick box - that’s outside of TotalSpaces2 control I think.

But if the overview grid displays the wrong background then that must be a bug. I’ll check it set to random image mode.