Beach ball @ startup OSX 10.12 Sierra


Since I have installed TotalFinder on my MacBook running OSX 10.12 Sierra, I get a spinning beach ball when I boot my mac. This seems to continue until I see the Finder icon change into the TotalFinder icon. The situation lasts for about 20 seconds and then it disappears.
I am running total finder 1.8.1
Are there more TotalFinder users who are experiencing this issue?
Anybody know how to avoid this?


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Same here. Both my Mac Pro and my Macbook Air.
Besides, i get sometimes and error when choosing Dual Mode.
And in Dual Mode it´s impossible to resize the side window. Always error.

I’ve seen this myself with a clean Sierra install, so it’s definitely a conflict between Finder & TotalFinder. Will investigate.

Thanks, Steve.

Howdy - I <3 TotalFinder and I can confirm the beach ball after logging in with a clean Sierra install as well. In related news, an uninstall / reinstall of Asepsis has returned a “Your Asepsis installation seems to be OK” when I run asepsisctl diagnose and no new .DS_STORE files :slight_smile: - SIP is also re-enabled: csrutil status returns “System Integrity Protection status: enabled.”

Same here beach ball at boot up for a bit. and temp freezes in the usability of Finder windows after that. No issues if you disable TF. Was the same in 1.8.0 and 1.8.1

Also tried Stock Sierra, and the latest beta and same result. SIP is disabled.

+1 here as well

Same here, can confirm that TotalTerminal has the same issue as well.

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Good to know. This should help narrow down the source of the issue as TotalSpaces is not exhibiting it.

I have this problem too :frowning:

I also wrote email to totalfinder support team after sierra launch but didn’t got any reply. Looks like they were working on fix. Hope this fixed soon :slight_smile:

that spinning icon and waiting is very irritating…especially when you have macbook pro with 16GB & SSD

Total finder and xtrafinder have both become unusable with Sierra. It’s a shame.

TF works like a charm to me. Only, the delay at loading when booted.
Just needed minor corrections. That i´m sure they will be added.

Indeed, I will circle back around to TotalFinder and look into this issue after TotaSpaces 2.5.

Please follow this suggestion for a workaround: