Big Sur 11.6 - TotalSpace v2.9.9 - Swap to wrong desktop

When I first lunch the application it remembers the desktop properly.

As soon as I change the order of my desktops, TotalSpaces doesen’t take that change in consideration.

TotalSpaces still changes the desktop with the previous order, the one in memory when the app was launched at first.

It happened after a recent macOS update.

I have this problem too, and I’ve found that if I quit-and-restart TotalSpaces, it works. For me, this is an acceptable solution since I have 9 screens and they never change: I set it up once, launch TotalSpaces, and I’m good until I reboot.

Same here, but I need to restart the app everytime I make a change. It’s not useful if you’re used to switch your desktops order. A permanent fix is needed…