Big Sur installation OK but says i can't have more than two spaces

I have just done a full clean install of Big Mac (also known as Big Sur) on my iMac Pro (2017).
Total Spaces installed fine and runs, but if I try to set the usual four spaces in two rows that I had before, I am told I can’t create more than one. “The system limit is 16 (plus specials)”. Sixteen??? I haven’t even got two! Somewhere there’s a setting I need to adjust, I suspect. Anyone know where?

Grab the most recent “Pre-release” beta here:

It allows TS2 to actually run under the atest macOS security update. The only caveat is that you need to create the Spaces in Exposé. After you do that you can manage and access them in TS2.

Good morning BorisAnthony!
Many thanks for the help. That solved it. I have, after several years of using Macs, never used the Exposé function - because I didn’t need to :wink:

You live and learn. The main thing is that I can now just work normally with TotalSpaces and TotalFinder.
Cheers from sunny Germany.