BigSur Total Finder 1.14.2 cut and paste don't work

I apologize if at some point I was rude, I didn’t know that you weren’t an employee and that you were helping us. Thank you very much for your help and we are hoping you can solve our problem.

Thank you very much for your response and work in solving problems. We expect the launch of the new version, greetings

Appreciate your hard work, thank you!!

Progress update: I’ve successfully fixed the issue, and TotalFinder’s cut-and-paste (as well as other features that also happened to be broken by 11.6.8) now works correctly in my development version of 1.14.3 with macOS 11.6.8 20G730!

Antonin still has to review the changes and actually publish the release (all releases still go through Antonin, hence why his name shows up in all the TotalFinder codesigning/notarisation), but assuming everything checks out, 1.14.3 should be able to be released very soon, depending on his availability!

(And once again, my apologies to everyone for the wait.)


Thank you very much for your effort and work, I will be very happy to recover this function, greetings and luck

A new release is here:

Direct download link:

Please test it. I thank @akemin_dayo for the fix!


Uhuuuuuuuuuuu… It’s working 110%. THANXS.

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Is working now, thanks very much!!!