BigSur Total Finder 1.14.2 cut and paste don't work

After performing the update of Big Sur at 11.6.8 and the TotalFinder to 1.14.2 the cutting and paste function no longer works, in addition to having some off-center description in the taskbar, please help


I’m going through the same problem. Is there already a bugfix?

@Felipe_Henriquez @Gustavo_Krupensky I will look into this issue on my 11.6.8 test machine.

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Thank you so much. We will be waiting.

Thank you so much

I’m having the same issue… using the old Mac shortcuts of CMD+C to copy, then CMD+OPT+V to cut/paste. Looking forward to a fix, many thanks.

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NEWS about the problem?

Were you able to reproduce the problem? Already have the solution?

Please any solution for this problem, thanks

It seems that they are not very interested in solving our problem. A total neglect.

It’s a shame because it’s an excellent extension of the native mac finder

Maybe it is not so easy to solve it.

We don’t need an answer with the resolution, but the status.

Did you have time to analyze the problem?

Please can you check what’s the problem and how fixit it, thaks

In the meantime is getting really a bit strange that the devs seem to ignore us.

Are there good alternatives to TotalFinder?

Hello, please I need to have an answer to the problem, I don’t want to change to another program, thank you

Now that is unacceptable. If anyone knows or finds a similar finder with “cut & paste” and “copy & paste” function, please post here. Thanks.

Please I just need to know if there is a solution to the problem indicated or not. To know if I must look for a different software, I hope response, thanks

@Gustavo_Krupensky @Felipe_Henriquez @JB76 @tosonny

Apologies for the long wait — I haven’t had the time to properly look into this for a while now as I’ve been really busy with other life commitments for the past while.

I’m looking into it now — I’ve successfully reproduced this issue on macOS 11.6.8 20G630 Big Sur (11.6.7 and 11.6.6 are unaffected) and am aiming to fix this issue in the upcoming 1.14.3 within the next few days.

(※ Also, as per the usual disclaimer — I’m not actually officially affiliated with BinaryAge. I just help maintain TotalFinder now that the software is no longer officially supported or being sold as a paid product.)

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