(Bug) Desktop background skewed/stretched in overview grid

Hey, the screenshot should speak for itself, but in some instances the desktop background will be skewed and look odd while in overview grid mode.

I wonder what’s happened here.

Are you able to reproduce this issue? Or does it just happen randomly sometimes?

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I’ll monitor the issue and see what steps are needed to reproduce the issue. At the moment I have no idea.

It looks like TotalSpaces tried to tessellate the image, which is the normal thing to do when the image is smaller than the display. But in this case we know the image is not smaller than the display, and also there is that strange stretched area of the image. My guess is it got corrupted somehow in memory or when reading from disk. But if that were the case, it would probably be just a one off occurrence.

Let me know if you see it again and grab a screenshot if possible. It may also be that some memory handling inside TotalSpaces is not quite right.

Additional information I can provide:

I’m running 3 monitors.

(2) Thunderbolts @ 2560x1440
(1) Macbook Retina Screen @ 1920x1200

The screenshot was taken of my 3 desktop spaces on the Retina Screen, with one as you can see just fine and the other two skewed.

Will take some more screenshots next occurrence.