BUG: Double-Clicking Drive Icons on Desktop Does Not Work

Mac OS X 1.9.5, TF v1.6.17:

When I double-click a hard drive icon on the Desktop (either internal or external HD), Finder does nothing.
However, Disk Images and Network drives open in TF as normal.

Another curiosity:
If I Right-Click on the System Drive or Time Machine icons and Select “Open”… An incomplete Finder window appears in the center of the screen… not in the Visor.

I cannot close these windows because they lack controls.
Mission Control shows both, but I cannot move them.

I have to Relaunch Finder to reset stuck Windows.

Conversely, Right-Clicking and selecting “Open” on the other local HDs results in nothing happening.
Hope this is helpful.

Here’s what the Console says after I Relaunch Finder and then start TF again.

Other Details After Relaunch:

  • com.apple.IconServesAgent is using almost 290MB of memory
  • TF uses 13.4MB memory and 0% CPU

Updated my system to OS X 10.10.2
Uninstalled and reinstalled TF 1.6.17

Problem persists.

  • Cannot access local HDs or Ext HDs w/ a double-click from Desktop. (Does Not Open in new tab in Visor )
  • Network Drives, Folders, Disk Images work as expected (Open in new tab to Visor)
  • Using “Open” command from Right-Click menu (on Local / Ext HDs) causes broken Finder window (NO close/Min/Max buttons) to appear center-screen.
    Must Relaunch Finder to remove from screen. (Closing w/ Command+W does not work.)

In the Dock:

  • Clicking a Custom Folder Stack + “Open in Finder”… Does nothing.
  • Clicking Dropbox (from the Dock) + “Open in Finder”… Creates broken Finder Window.
  • Clicking Creative Cloud / Google Drive (from the Dock) + “Open in Finder”… Works as expected (Adds new tab to Visor)

Sorry for the long report… Just like being thorough.
P.S. Love, love, love TF. Can’t live without it.

Have you tried deleting the Finder and TotalFinder preferences? Perhaps just move them to the desktop to archive them before you delete them then restart your machine. You will have to redo your preferences but corrupt .plist files can cause weird problems.



I’ve removed the preferences and restarted.
Problem persists. Although, the broken window isn’t showing up when I right-click and select “open”.

I believe I have found the culprit.
After searching some threads for Finder Issues in Yosemite, I have narrowed it down to the Yosemite Wacom Driver(s).
Both Wacom Tablet v6.3.11w3 & v6.3.10w2 (rated for Yosemite) reproduce Finder Issues listed above while using TotalFinder.

These WacomTabletDrivers also generate a crash report at StartUp in Console>System Diagnostic Reports:

(02/05/15 is when I posted this thread)

I’ve removed the Wacom Drivers using the Wacom Tablet Utility and installed the last OS X 10.9 Driver “6.3.8-2”
Everything seems fine at the moment.

I will update if anything changes.