[bug] Fullscreening video on youtube switches to another space (TotalSpaces2)

on high sierra 10.3.1 macbook pro 14,3

this bug doesn’t happen when Safari is not in fullscreen mode.

Thanks for the video. I’ll try to reproduce it.

cool. also happens on 12" macbook 9,1 and again safari itself must be in fullscreen mode to trigger the bug

Please try this version, I added a fix for this:


did not happen the first time i full-screened a video, but then happened every time i full-screened subsequent videos. so same thing is happening with this version.

Dang. It’s not happening on my machine now, I can’t reproduce the problem at all with this version.

It might help me to get some diagnostic info about your setup. Please follow instructions here:

just noticing it happens on netflix, vimeo, CNN and youtube and probably other video service sites i fullscreen while safari is in full screen. diagnostic file sent!

I made a timing modification, please try this version:


same problem. oddly enough it works the first couple trys then starts failing. see video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO4A1KGfzjA

any other ideas?

Actually I was thinking about this earlier today, and I watched your video carefully.

As the events seem quite fast, I don’t think adjusting the timing further will help. I wonder if the events are happening in a different order on your machine for some reason (so perhaps the system is asking to change space to a fullscreen space that hasn’t been created yet).

I am working on a solution for this hypothesis.

i do have virtually all macOS animations turned off or set to absolute minimums using some defaults write commands i discovered on the net. wonder if that’s responsible.

Actually yes, this turns out to be important. With all transitions set off I found I could reproduce the problem. Please try this version, it might fix it this time:


nice!!! works every time. thanks so much for the hard work. what did you adjust to make it work this time?

The earlier fix was incomplete. I didn’t realise it, but when transitions are turned off I was not passing the information needed to detect the exact circumstance where the system has just changed to a space that TotalSpaces is unaware of (because it had just been created).