BUG: Messages app is not available on all desktops

Setting the desktop access to ‘All Desktops’ from the OS menu bar, does not allow switching to the Messages window on one of my desktops (number 4 of 8). Setting it to just one desktop works fine, regardless of which desktop. Returning it to ‘All Desktops’, now matter which desktop I am setting it from, the issue returns. This issue occurred after the latest update.



Can you explain a little more? - I’m sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean by the system is not allowing you to switch to the Messages window.

When trying to switch/toggle applications, from any other application on the space, to ‘Messages’, it goes to another space with ‘Messages’ on top. I can’t figure out which space it goes to, as of right now it appears to be random.

How are you switching applications? Cmd-tab?

If the Messages app is set to all desktops I would expect the window to be present always when you are on any desktop. Is this not the case?

When I try this I find that Messages is present on all spaces, and no matter which space I am on I can switch to it either using cmd-tab or by just clicking on its window. Is this not what you find?

yes, Cmd Tab. Lets say i am on space 4 (where the problem lies), and I am using Sublime Text. I get a notification that someone has messaged me. I CMD+TAB to Messages, and it switches to Messages, BUT on a different desktop/space. Clicking on the icon in the dock selects the program, but the window does not appear.