Bug: Notification graphic does not fade away

Sometimes (unknown why) the notification graphic will stay on the screen after switching spaces and not fade away.

I have to restart TotalSpaces2 to fix the issue. Or alternatively if I swipe to the edge of my grid and once more try swiping when you cant anymore it will fade the notification graphic away.

Does it happen when swiping, or when using the hotkeys?

With swiping it relies on a timer, but with hotkeys it looks at when you release the modifier keys you are holding down.

I think the correct answer is hotkeys.

I’m using BetterTouchTool and I bound swipes to the hotkeys for TotalSpaces2 (instead of using TotalSpaces2 built in swiping option). So in effect it is using the hotkeys.

Ah, so a possible theory about what’s happening is that there is a hotkey movement, and TotalSpaces is looking to see a change in the state of the modifier keys before it dismisses the notification graphic. But since no actual modifier keys were being used, this change is not forthcoming.

I’ll have a look at that code - quite possibly we can detect when no modifier keys are down and always dismiss the notification if that’s the case.

Ok cool. Let me know if you need any more info on the issue.

You may try this version:


Thanks Stephen. Will let you know if I experience the issue again.