Bug on catrina

overwiew grid don’t work at all on catrina official release


Same deal here. Everything else seems fine, but no overview grid – either via keyboard or via the TotalSpaces menubar dropdown.

TotalSpaces2 v2.8.5
Mac OS Catalina 10.15

Happens both with single and dual monitors

Update: Overview Grid only works if mission control is set to “Displays have seperate spaces”.

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I’m getting similar behavior. I can get the Overview Grid using the keyboard shortcut. However, when using the middle button on my mouse (Logitech M557) the Overview Grid just flashes but does not allow me to select a desktop. ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ is checked in Mission Control settings. Also, if I launch the Total Spaces Preferences the middle button will display the Overview Grid correctly but only while the dialog is open.

yes but it’s not useful for me, I NEED two display in the same space

everything work fine with the new version
you’re the best
I don’t why it don’t work automaticly on startup

I have same conditions as [a2metalcore] except mouse cursor must be Over the menu line Icon or the TotalSpaces Pref pane for the middle mouse button to work properly.
iMac w/ 10.15.4 and TSpaces2 v2.8.8