[BUG] (reproducible) Incompatibility with HyperDock window management


I’m evaluating TotalFinder and HyperDock and noticing a strange quirk. I’m using HyperDock for easily moving windows with hotkeys. In HyperDock, this is configured under ‘Window Management’ tab. I’ve enabled the options “Move windows when holding down…” and “Resize windows when holding down…”

But when I use the move hotkeys on my TotalFinder window, while it does move the window, it also shrinks the Finder in the y direction and expands it in the x direction. So if I keep moving the window, it keeps getting thinner and longer.

This causes annoyance as I can’t move Finder windows without also having to resize them.

The problem does not effect any other applications or windows. And it does not effect Finder windows when TotalFinder is disabled.

I’m using TotalFinder version 1.4.18 and HyperDock version 1.3.2.