Bug: Selected tab changes to different tab

Not every time, but, most times I drag a file OUT of Totalfinder and drop it into any other program, Totalfinder will randomly switch the selected tab to a different, open, tab. Dragging and dropping out of Totalfinder is a huge part of my workflow and this bug, unfortunately, slows me down.

This bug happens on all 3 of my MAC’s running Mavericks.

Here is a recorded GIF demonstrating the bug. You’ll see me dragging a set of files from the far right “resized(1)” tab. After I drop, you’ll see Totalfinder switch 3 tabs down to the “PNG” tab.

Just wanted to add that you need to click on my GIF for the animation to start.

Also, this problem is still occurring on all my Mac’s running the latest version of TF: 1.6.

Will look into that, marked as TODO.

Thank you very much! Feel free to reach out if you need any further clarification.

Just following up on the status of this bug. Frankly, it’s killing me. 85% of the time I drag and drop a file OUT of Totalfinder and INTO another app it flicks over to another randomly chosen tab. So when I come back to Totalfinder, I have no idea where my files are and have to hunt down the tab I originally had open.

I’m coming very close to just switching over to another paid finder app. Like Path Finder. I work in the finder, dragging files out of it, dozens of times per day and this is just a major workflow killer. Still reproducible on 3 different Mac’s of mine.

Fixing this issue bug would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

Looks like I completely forgot about it. I just starred it here to revisit it later and …

Let me look into that for next beta release right now.

I did some quick tests with my Yosemite system and TotalFinder 1.6.14 and so far I have been unable to reproduce the issue.

Could please specify:

  1. Your system version and TotalFinder version
  2. The other app you were dragging the files to. I would try to reproduce it in the same scenario.

Thank you.

I would be eternally grateful if you fixed this bug for me!! I love everything else about Totalfinder.

  1. Mac OS X 10.9.4. | TotalFinder version 1.6.12.
  2. You know, 90% of the time I’m dragging and dropping into Google Chrome. I’m either dropping an MP3 directly into an open email I’m writing. OR I’m using a website where I click a button, the default Chrome pop-up window appears for me to either browse, or drag and drop from finder into. This is what I’m dragging and dropping into most of the time. And almost always the tab changes after “dropping” the file into the Chrome attachment prompt window.

However, in the original animated GIF I included, I’m dragging and dropping into Filezilla. The bug is not exclusive to Chrome.