[BUG] Selecting a label (color) doesn't always work

When I want to label a file with a certain color, I do this:

  1. Right click on file,
  2. Go down to “Label:” and select a color.

Often, the label doesn’t stick on the first attempt. I have to repeat the process for the label to stick.

Here are a few details which may help you diagnose the issue…

  • The TotalFinder window is often open in the background (not focused) when I try this.
  • I use a Magic Mouse, configured for a lefty (right/left buttons swapped).
  • I am running TotalFinder v1.4.18.
  • My OS is 10.8.4.

Unrelated note, I love your software! I currently use TotalFinder, TotalTerminal, and Asepsis.


Maybe it could be related to Asepsis. Folder colors are stored in .DS_Store files and maybe you discovered some Asepsis bug. I have to investigate it.

Awesome, I’m curious to know where the problem was. Thanks for investigating!

Don’t know if this helps… I’ve been experiencing this repeatedly within a single folder (therefore a single .DS_Store file). The problem occurs about 10-15% of the time.

I’m having the same issue and as of today I can’t seem to ever make the new color stick. I’ve quit Total Finder and can color the labels no problem. I"m running TF 1.5.19 in os x. 8.5.

update: I updated to the latest beta: 1.5.21, and that seems to have fixed it.

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