BUG - Selection Text in finder selection is Black instead of White

When the selection is active is a finder window, i.e. the file is clicked to show it’s selected, the dark blue background makes the text hard to see since the text is also black. In the regular Finder, the text is white against a blue background, allowing you to determine the selection is active and not another folder color. See screenshots.

**Totalfinder - Text is Black: **

**Regular Finder - Text is White: **

Can this be changed to white?

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Yes, I have already fixed it in my code. I overlooked it during my testing. This will be fixed in 1.5.31 or 1.6 (whichever comes out first).

Fantastic, thank you!

I just purchased a license, when you release 1.6, will it still work?
Or will only 2.0 be a paid upgrade?

It will still work. 2.0 may be a paid upgrade but I would have to find some significant feature to be it worth upgrading. It is not going to happen anytime soon.

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v1.5.31 is out: http://totalfinder.binaryage.com/beta-changes

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Fantastic! Thank you!