Bug: Switching to an empty desktop via Mission Control causes an auto-switch to the previous desktop with content

This issue is similar to an issue I discussed with support via email in December of 2017.

4 desktops, 2x2. Finder on 1. Chrome on 2. 3 & 4, empty. Mission Control set to top-right hot corner.

Use Mission Control to select the desktop containing Finder. TotalSpaces switches to it. Use Mission Control to select an empty desktop. TotalSpaces switches to it. TotalSpaces then auto-switches back to the desktop with Finder.

Sometimes, the same behavior happens when first selecting the desktop with Chrome instead of Finder. This behavior is not consistent. The Finder-related behavior appears to be.

Any ideas what is going on?


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At least I can’t reproduce this behaviour locally on my machine, but perhaps you have an earlier macOS - what version of macOS are you running?

I am on macOS 10.13.4, TotalSpaces2 v2.6.24. Don’t think there’s much to see, but I could record a video if you’d like. Is there any debug logging I could provide?

I also notice this happening when closing the last app on a desktop. It will auto-switch to another desktop … which I suspect was the last one used prior to being on the one that had the closed app.

What could I provide that would help diagnose this issue?

I have had the same problem for months with Mac OS 10.13.6 (17G65) & TotalSpaces2 2.7.6. Switching between apps (usually Chrome shows the problem, but also Texedit & Finder) with command+tab results in TotalSpaces suddenly flipping focus to a different desktop.