BUG! Totalfinder not show down of the window with path & infos not appears

Mac os 10.9.2 Maverick | TotalFinder 1.5.22

Down windows with path does not appear

Yet all my settings are correct.

I want this to be displayed as below

Thank’s you very much in advance,

What about using Main Menu -> View menu:

  1. Show Path Bar (OPT+CMD+P)
  2. Show Status Bar (CMD+/)

Does it work for you?

Hi darwin,

thank’s you very much it’s work great :slight_smile:

Have an great weekend !

excuse darwin,

did you know the shortcut to open a folder in a new tab? (without close the active folder)

before it worked with cmd shift O … but now it opens a tab on the active tab

I thank you in advance,

CMD+click on folder you want to open?

or CMD+T with the preferences setting to open actual folder in new tab

thank you i know this, so there is no keyboard shortcut to open a new file without using the mouse

excuse for my poor language, english is not my natural language