BUG: unselectable window appears when called from another app


This has happened before, but I finally got "bug"ged by it enough to report it.

I’m running the latest build, 1.6.27, and this is a repeatable event.

After TotalFinder launches, the first time I select a “reveal in Finder” type command from another app* I get an unselectable window with no chrome in the default centre-of-screen location. It will not accept a click, and there are no window widgets visible, but if I Cmd-~ switch window focus, I can get to it and navigate by arrow, or close by Cmd-w.

The window goes into the background, and it comes to the front when keyboard switching to the Finder or Bring All To Front, but it is aberrant behaviour and I consider it a bug.

I am running Yosemite 10.10.4, fwiw.

*e.g. after completing a download in a browser, selecting the download and doing a Show in Finder, or Ctrl-click -> Options -> Show in Finder on an app in the dock.

This has been reported a few times, but still no real resolution. In the end I removed TF from all my Macs as it was getting painful to use

Same issue reported here:

and here:

It doesn’t bug me enough to remove TF, because I can get to it using keyboard navigation, it’s only mouse navigation that’s broken.

“if I Cmd-~ switch window focus, I can get to it and navigate by arrow, or close by Cmd-w.”

That’s Cmd-Tilde, btw, the key below the ESC key.

Another thread with people suffering the same problem (including me):

A very annoying bug, one doesn’t always remember in every single app that “Show in Finder” will open a “ghost” window, forcing you to reset TF.



Wow! I didn’t know that this key combination could be used to switch window focus, this saves me from restarting TF every time that “ghost” window appears. Thanks a lot for the hint!

BTW, in a Spanish keyboard that tilde key is the one at the right side of the ‘P’.



Cmd-Tilde works to switch window focus in every app - it’s system wide.

Additionally, one of the reasons to use TF is the tabs - I create a keyboard shortcut (System Preferences - Keyboard -> Shortcuts) (Lo siento, no se en español) for “All Applications” then “Select Next Tab” and “Select Previous Tab”. I use Cmd-[ and Cmd-] but on a Spanish keyboard something else would probably be more convenient. That works in nearly everything, TF, Safari, Chrome, etc., most apps that uses tabs. Very handy.

Didn’t know, thanks again.

And for selecting previous/next tab, be it in TF, Firefox, etc., I use JiTouch, a little app that allows to define more gestures in my trackpad, so I can use, for example: touching with one finger and tapping with the one at the right brings me to the next tab; touching with one finger and tapping with the one at the left brings me to previous tab, so I don’t even have to raise my hand from the trackpad.