[Bug] Visor Dualmode Finder hang (reproducible), not limited to Visor

I found a reproducible bug in visor mode.
If I have a dual panel visor open and try to change the file extension of a folder on the right side of the visor, the Finder hangs and can only be restarted by force quitting it and restarting TotalFinder afterwards.
I know it is unusual to rename a folder to have a file extension, but this is a bug nonetheless.
In my case, I was creating a VPN configuration file by putting the according preferences text files into a folder and then renaming the folder to .tblk, which is the proper file extension for the VPN program, as advised by the software company. This works flawlessly in the vanilla Finder.

This is on Mac OS X 10.7.5.

Interesting. Thanks for reporting.

@mikematuro Can you please try to reproduce it on your 10.7 system? Thanks.

Turns out, I had a Finder hang just now while adding .tblk as a file extension to a folder name on the desktop as well, so this isn’t a Visor exclusive bug.

Edit: My Finder was TotalFinder’d of course, not vanilla when the hang happened.