Bug: When in Dual Mode 'Label Toolbar button' activates left pane instead of highlighted file on the right one

The subject pretty much says it.

In Dual mode where you are looking at two tabs together, highlight a file on the right tab (pane). Now, assuming you already have the Label toolbar item added to the Toolbar under customize (by right-clicking on the Toolbar itself), click on the Label toolbar item and the focus shifts to the left tab (pane). There’s no way to use that tool on the right pane as you can on the left.

I hope that’s clear.

sorry @biver i couldn’t recreate this running Mac OS 10.7 and TotalFinder v1.4.27

Can you give us more detail via email: mailto:support@binaryage.com


I don’t know what else I can tell you. i’m running 10.8.5 not 10.7 but 1.4.27 TF. It happens to me every time I try. Tell me what I can do to help you and i will. Shall i record a video of it?

There should be a second toolbar above the right pane; use the label button on that side to label stuff in the right pane. @biver is the second toolbar not showing up for you?

I do think it would be simpler if there were just a single toolbar that would act on whichever pane was highlighted.

You’re absolutely right posburn, I was attempting to use the controls on the left. My bad.

I agree, there should be one set of tools across the top that applies to whatever is highlighted.