Bug when moving between spaces with shortcut

So, I made a shortcut override of the Ctrl key on Mavericks. Originally, Ctrl + [down] triggers MC’s exposé and Ctrl + [up] triggers MC. I disabled both and I am now using Ctrl + [arrow keys] to browse between spaces from TotalSpaces.

I added 9 spaces: 3 rows, 3 columns. I noticed that if I go to space in column 2 and row 1, for example and quickly use Ctrl + [down], [down], [left], the last transition won’t happen.

If I go sideways, that image showing my “location” doesn’t update either. It works, but the interface gets stuck. Trying going up, left, down can result in going up and down only.

I think the problem is with transitions going sideways. Try several combinations and you will see.


I think there may be a problem with using CTRL-arrows as you suggest. Other modifier key combinations should be ok. I’ll look into it.