Bug: When switching using multiple monitors shortcuts do only work for the monitor that has focus


I use a set up with two monitors and have configured:

  • Monitor 1 (external) with 3 desktops, each having a shortcut (ALT-SHFT-1 , ALT-SHFT-2 and ALT-SHFT-3 )

  • Monitor 2 (McBook) with 9 desktops, each having a shortcut (ALT-SHFT-M (mail) , ALT-SHFT-C (Calendar) and ALT-SHFT-T (terminals) etc.)

When my Mouse is on Monitor 1, I cannot use ALT-SHFT-C to get the macBook to show the 2nd desktop. Which is unexpected.

It would be really nice to be able to switch the macBook to the calendar if I’m working on the external monitor on some other program.