Call for users like me to appeal for the development of new TotalFinder

First of all I want to express my gratitude to BinaryAge – over all the years the initial license (i remember it was back in the days of OSX Lion) works and BinaryAge, unlike many other developers, has never requested us to buy a new license in order to make the upgraded version work.

But now since Total Finder doesn’t perform as well as it used to even on Catalina (some of the icons on the side bar doesn’t appear in colors) not to mention the apple silicon macs. I have to use XtraFinder to make all the sidebar icons in colors, but XtraFinders doesn’t perform as well as TotalFinder and it messed up with my finder tabs.

If BinaryAge would kindly continue to develop TotalFinder for Catalina and all the later macOS for Apple Sillicon, I will be extremely HAPPY to buy a new license with the price doubled or even tripled.

Functions I persionally want:the OSX 10.6.8 look:

  • List item The fully colored side bar

  • List item Colored labels for the browser window

  • List item OSX 10.6.8 style of tabs.

If you guys feel the same, please reply to my post and appeal to BinaryAge for the continued development and selling a new license