Can not install

2014 iMac lates version of OSX

get this message when trying to install:
TotalSpaces2 failed to install correctly.
Please try again or contact support.

Error moving OSAX into place, Stat on /Library/ScriptingAdditions/TotalSpaces.osax during authenticated file copy failed.

any ideas what to do?

I’ve seen this issue with one other user. I’m not sure why the copy did not work, but for him, we ended up copying the files by hand - here is the procedure:

Open the TotalSpaces2 DMG, then run the Uninstaller. Then drag TotalSpaces2 into the Applications folder as normal.

Before running TotalSpaces2, open a terminal window, and paste in this command:

sudo cp -r /Applications/ /Library/ScriptingAdditions/

(It should ask you for your password, and maybe also warn you about being careful if you haven’t used sudo before).

Then run TotalSpaces2 as normal from Applications, and hopefully it should work.

Let me know if it works!

uh i tryed the command and indeed it was copyed to the Scripting addons folder but even when i launch it it still gives a error

still broken in 2021