Can we define our own hot keys again please (not require us to use the arrows)?

I updated to Mavericks, and had to update to v2 here. The hotkeys to change spaces now seem limited to using the arrow keys with a modifier. Can we get the option back to define our own hot keys to move between spaces please? Being required to use the arrow keys is a non starter here (Kinesis advantage keyboard, so the left/right arrows are on a different hand to the up/down keys).

Please, please bring back the non-arrow-key change hotkeys! I personally use I-J-K-L so they’re right under my hand. I don’t see any new features I want and losing customization of this is a major step back from V1.

Ah ok, I have had a couple of requests for this now. This was done to make it possible to easy to configure the ‘move window’ hotkeys without having a bunch of separate hotkey recorders. But I understand that there are a few people who don’t use the arrow keys.

I would be prepared to add a “custom” button that would allow you to do this, I think that can be done without damaging the simpler interface. Leave it with me.

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Excellent stuff! Looking forward to it. You would not believe how many times today my muscle memory has thrown me!


I agree – this is important


After upgrading to Mavericks, I was shocked because this feature is removed. I really don’t understand why…

It’s at the top of the list, just had to get a few bug fixes out today.

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+1 for this feature. I depend on this.

+1 I need this feature

Please update to v2.0.5. You can use the new Custom settings in Hotkeys prefs to set whatever hotkeys you wish.

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Brilliant! Much appreciated.

A+ for the turnaround on this. Thanks so much, you guys rock!

Thank you so much, it’s surprising-but-not-really how big a deal this is. I use these hotkeys hundreds or thousands of times a day, and having them on the home row is a real pleasure. I also think you did a great job making the preferences widgets for it perfectly intuitive without losing the simplicity you gained by forcing arrows in the earlier version.


By the way there was a bug in 2.0.5 if you assign custom settings to both change space and move window hotkeys. If you come across it please install

What does ‘Move Window’ mean. What is supposed to happen if you select it. I understand Change Space

It means when you change space the currently active window will come with you to the new space.

It’s a quick way of moving the work you are doing to an adjacent space.

That’s helpful and it could be useful. I’ve set it up. Thanks