Can we help test Total Spaces 3 if we have Apple silicon?

navigating spaces seems to be a general problem with macOS 14.5. Other apps also have issues:

same problem here, quite annoying, TS is loosing a key functionality. Anyone has solved this issue, a fix or workaround ?

Same issue with 14.5: Can’t move windows between spaces. I may have to go back to Linux.

As far as i heard from the Dev, the App seems to be discontinued, at least for now

Where did you hear that? I mean, it seems pretty obvious, but as far as I’m aware it was never stated anyplace.

Well, maybe no discontinued exaclty, but the Dev said, he has no time for it atm, and this is a while ago, and due nothing changed, it seems obvious

Yeah that’s what I thought - let out to pasture in order to slowly die.

I’ve been looking for a replacement but never really found anything so robust… closest that I came was

Yes, the inability to move windows (instances of applications) from space-to-space in grid view is tough to deal with: I’ve been using grid-based window managers since the SunOS days (uggh).

As it stands, I navigate the grid using the Cmd-Arrow functions and when I need to move a window, hot corner to Mission Control and move windows in spaces there.

I’d really welcome a fix if the APIs aren’t totally horked.

(I’m on Sonoma 14.5 on an M1, FWIW. I held off upgrades for years)