Cannot create desktop

please see screenshot, thanks.’écran%202014-09-13%20à%2000.46.37.png

There should be a warning that is displayed when you try to do this, that the maximum number of desktops that OSX will normally allow is 16.

If desktops have migrated from other monitors or perhaps in other certain circumstances there can be more than 16, but normally the system enforces the 16 limit - so TotalSpaces is unable to create more desktops.

I will add a warning about this in the next release.

Thanks Stephen for your reply.

Ok, let’s go for 16 desktops. Question is now, how do i remove/delete desktops?

Note: I’ve just one monitor, the default iMac’s.

You should be able to do it from the Layout preferences.

If you want exactly 16 in a 3 column layout, you would press (-) to remove one row, then click Remove desktops. You should then have 15 desktops.
Then click (+) to add one row. But before actually adding the desktops, click on the dotted 17 and 18 spaces to remove them. Then click Add desktops - it should now just add one desktop.

Thanks. I got it now :slight_smile:

That said, is there a way to set TotalSpaces to display all desktops with a four finger swipe?
For the time being, i’m using a hot corner but i’d prefer the above mentioned. Couldn’t find how to deactivate the default Mac OS X four finger swipe.

Hi, there is no four finger swipe option at the moment. I am considering adding additional triggers, but for now the hotcorner is your best bet.