Cannot deselect multiple color labels simultaneously

I’ve noticed when I try to select 3 or more files at a time and change their color label from a color to “no color”, I get a notification that it won’t allow me (attached). I use color labels to keep track of the status of my clients’ projects, so I’m always changing them from one to another (by deselecting the current color to no color, and then selecting the new color I need). Seems like a bug with Mojave as I didn’t have this issue on Sierra. It seems to work if I deselect two or less at a time, and is somewhat inconsistent.

Any insight greatly appreciated!

Running Mac OS 10.14.2 on Mac mini (2018)

This looks like a bug in Finder. Or I would guess that one of your folders has wrong user permissions.

I believe that associated labels are stored in .DS_Store files in parent folder in case of files and in given folder in case of folders. If Finder cannot write/modify particular .DS_Store file then it might spit some generic error like that.

Please first switch to plain via CMD+OPT+ESC, then try to reproduce it there to rule out TotalFinder. Try to reproduce it on minimal selection and then investigate possible permission issues on those folders.