Cannot eject CD with TotalFinder running, bug?

I was lucky to receive a 13 CD package of The Beatles Original Studio Recordings for Christmas and finally got around to loading them into my iMac today. The CD’s are mostly dual purpose and have both the music and a .mov about the making of each record. iTunes launches when I insert a new CD and automatically begins downloading the songs. I decided that I want the .mov files on my HD so I manually copied them to a folder. When TotalFinder is running, I cannot eject the CD because the Finder is always using it. The copying of the .mov had completed and all the songs had downloaded but I could not eject a CD. I quit iTunes but could not eject the CD. Finally, I relaunched the Finder using the Force Quit method and if Total Finder is not running, the CD will eject. Once I launch TotalFinder again, I cannot eject the CD’s. I have reproduced this problem with 5 different CD’s.

I am using TotalFinder 1.6.16 on my iMac running Yosemite 10.10.2 beta.

So is this a newly discovered problem or should I be doing something different?

Happy New Years to all.