Cannot get icons and text in toolbar

I have been a longtime use of TotalFinder and just downloaded version 1.6.13. However I cannot get icons and text to appear in the toolbar. When I type cmd-T, there is no view menu like there is in the Apple Finder where you can select icons and text. Only the icons appear. Do you have a fix? Am I doing something wrong?


I too have been looking for the text and icon option.

TotalFinder removes the text. You can set option for “Icon and Text” in Finder if TotalFinder is not loaded. But as soon as you load TF, the text under the icons is removed. This needs to be fixed quickly. All my folder icons look the same.

I experience the same problem and can change correctely to icons and text using finder. (Option not available in TotalFinder) As soon as TotalFinder is started the text underneath the icons disappear. A quick updat is greatly appreciated. Thxs:

I too have the same problem and would like it fixed.

I have Yosemite 10.10 and TotalFinder 1.5.12.

As alreadty mentioned, it makes it difficult to use the folders that I have on the tool bar, because you have to hoover over them for a while in order to know which folder is which.

…hope someone can fix this soon…

BTW: Is there a more official way to raise this as a bug? Is there a bug forum or something like that?

I’d also Like to know if there is a bug forum or a more direct way to request fixes like this one.

TotalFinder 1.6.16 fixes the context menu:

But the icons are not vertically centered in icon+text and text-only modes. I will have to find some solution.