Cannot instal totalspaces on Catalina

I keep getting an error when installing totalspaces,

“installation error moving OSAX into place”

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no joy same error

I was really hoping to try this app. any help would be great.



Same here running 10.15 Beta (19A501i).

yes I am running 10.15 Beta (19A501i) too.

bump any support staff checking this forum?

FWIW, I’m running this same version of Catalina on my 2018 MacBook Pro and TotalSpaces2 (v.2.8.0) is working without any problems.

Ok just tried that version 2.8.0 and still getting same problem.

Yeah, I think it was because I already had TotalSpaces installed when I upgraded to Catalina…

any help would be appreciated.

Hey guys, so basically here is what’s up. If you are running the Catalina beta you must

  1. make sure that SIP is off.

Unlike before, this still does not mount protected parts of the file system into read-write mode by default. So there is one more step.

  1. Run: sudo mount -uw /

This will remount your filesystem with write permissions until restart. This should allow TotalSpaces (and any other relevant app) to install things into /system or wherever else SIP protects.

Let me know if you run into problems!


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It works now. Thank you, Sam.

do i have to run that in recovery mode as i have turned sip off but am still getting problems creating desktops

Gramfin, how many are you trying to install, you have six now, think you want to install too many, has little to do with sip.

Hi Justme

It only will allow me to install 5 desktops and no more, it says in the pop up it allows upto 16 so how would adding another couple be a problem? Im confused…

That’s odd, What I always suggest to people is to make a new User account, login to that and see if it works, if so there’s something amiss in your normal User account, if it isn’t it’s systemwide.

Okay I tried that and same but I think I have a workaround, If I actually add the desktops through OSX instead of through TS they appear fine, only problem I have now is that the hot corners dont work which is quite important to me. Seems to be lots of bugs in the software which is a shame as I love the application.

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Hi, I tried that, it works, BUT… on my side I wasn’t able to create more than 16 desktops via macOS (I have 32 in Mojave, yes, high number for specific work reasons).
Is Catalina limited to 16 desktops ?

Adding desktops in this version via TS2 is probably broken, I’ll get a new version out at the latest next week (and also we’ll try to solve the read only volumne issue).

My experience is that in Mission Control macOS usually only allows you to create 16 desktops per screen, but TS2 was able to sidestep this requirement. As adding desktops in TS2 is broken in the latest Catalina, you can’t do it.

There isn’t actually a hard 16 limit in macOS - if you create desktops on a second screen and then unplug it, all those desktops except the first one will be migrated to your original screen - this could be a workaround.