Cannot sort by Date Modified, Size, etc. nor resize columns!

I keep waiting for this annoying problem to go away. It happens on several different systems I’ve tried TotalFinder on (always updated to the latest stable version). At random times, MORE THAN HALF OF THE TIME, the only way I can change which column I’m sorting by is to first click on the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the pane. THEN when I click on, say, Date Modified, the sort order will change! It took me a couple of weeks to discover the simple workaround, but we shouldn’t have to do that at all!



Another work around is to close the window and then reopen it.

@jgn jgn are you under Mavericks as well?

Any chance to find reliable reproducible steps?

The solution does not work for me (trying by “name”)

I have this exact same problem. Sometimes I can sort by something other than “Name” other times I cannot. The scroll bar trick seems to work most of the time but other times the only way to restore the sort functionality is to quit and reopen total finder. I am running Mavericks.

Sorry to revive this old thread, but I think I have found a solution to this small problem. I deleted the .ds_store files from all my folders and this seems to have fixed the issue.
Only time will tell whether its a permanent fix.
Just posting this incase anyone is having the same issue.

Update: Ok so things have gone back to how they were before. My ds_storage solution didnt work :frowning: