Cannot swap desktop position - TotalSpace2 v2.9.9

I cannot swap my desktop position. Please see this video:

Please let me know how to fix this.


I am also having the same issue. TS 2.9.9 on macOS 11.4. Tried rebooting and reinstalling TS, no help so far. After trying to remove and re-create desktops, I am no longer able to create additional desktops - I receive the error about the system limit being 16, even though I’m only requesting 3 additional, for a total of 12 desktops… Any help is really appreciated. This is messing up my workflow.

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I have seen the same problem and I have found a work around.

The trick is that you open up mission control and keep adding spaces through mission control. In my case I had two rows of 3 and wanted to add a 3rd row of 3. It didn’t work. I then thought remove one row and then add it again. Maybe the application is confused. Guess what after that I was limited to 3. Only after I increased by #screens to 9 in mission control I could configure TotalSpaces again.

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I’m having the same issue, but I can’t use freda’s workaround since I use only one desktop – the rest of the screens are for full-screen apps (2 per screen). I too am running macOS 11.4, and TS 2.9.9.